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quite useless if you already have a navigation device

 In my opinion the app is quite useless, because of different reasons:

  • it simply drains too much battery (on our 5h-tour today it almost drained my - fully loaded - Samsung S4 completely)
  • this can even be dangerous, if you need your phone in case of emergency and it's empty because it was logging too long
  • most drivers already have an navigation device and most of them are able to log a track (and: this device doesn't need its own battery because it's directly connected to my bikes battery)
  • photo quality is very bad (looks like it has problems with oversharpening or scaling)
  • it would be essential to have the function to delete selected photos afterwards

I like your new platform, but i really would appreciate if i had the possibility to publish my uploaded tracks (e.g. from my Garmin or TomTom device) into the acitivities instead of using my smartphone (date of tour should be editable then). And to upload photos as moments from the PC, because i simply don't want to use the smartphone app.

The tracks of external devices only showed in Profile > Tracks.

It is not possible to show on the timeline and activities.

Most people do not use the track function on their devices, start it, end it, connect to PC, upload it, etc, etc.

With the app it al goes automaticily.

The samsung has a bad battery, I had the same and used a powerbank.

With my new iPhone it is not a problem anymore.

I understand your point, but still have another opinion.

I know a lot of motorcycle fans who are creating their own library of tours which were fun or interesting to drive. And many times this just happens without planing it before, but by testing new routes or by being guided from other people.

And these fans often want to share their routes. That's the reason why platforms like GPSies are successful. You're offering an alternative to these platforms and you're adding some new aspects. In my opinion MyRoute-app could be much more promising if it is not tied too strong to using your own app.

If you're using a Garmin device, for example, tracks are stored automatically. And if you decide to preserve, save and even share  certain routes you just have to pick it up with Base Camp. Very easy and a lot of tracks on other platforms just came up this way.

And: i know a lot of people you don't want to use any smartphone-based apps while on tour with their motorcyle. Simply because the phone has to stay reliable for other things like searching hotels, restaurants, calling the family at home, taking pictures (which should not automatically be shared) or to have a communication device in case of emergency. And not all poeple are using iPhones or other high class smartphone (especially "on tour").

I like your new platform. It would be a shame if it will not be successful just because it's a little bit too onesided. I really want to support your new platform, so it's important for me to be able to show up another focus. From a customers view. Just my 2 cents.

Yes, thanks for the tips and we take a serieus look to it.

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