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Basic Membership and friend's list

I've registered another account to test the functionality for basic member and sharing routes and tracks.

Then i logged in with my basic test account, selected my other account as a friend (and confirmed that friendship in my main account).

But is still can't see my new friend on the friends list, it's still completely empty. The only way to have access to the shared routes and tracks, i havo to use the search function (which is slow while typing) and to select him to see his shared content. Every time.

This is very inconvenient. Is it a bug or a limitation of a basic member? If it's a limitation you should think about it twice. Basic membership and having easy access to content shared between friend could be some kind of "door opener" for a later gold membership.


I can with no problem see the activities and searching and add friends as a basic member.

So, i can not reproduce the problem and there are no basic members with the same problem right now.

You're right. I just found that this problem only exists when using "Comodo Dragon" as browser (and it's independent from the type of membership). With IE and Firefox everything's fine. Thanks.


by the way: Comodo is a Chrome based browser. Maybe it's worth a look what happens if using native Chrome ...


Maby we can fix it for "Comodo Dragon", we give it a try.

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