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Mass upload of pictures

I've unfortunately found that the Adroid App used for tracking is notoriously unstable. Not only does this cause gaps in a track for me frequently, it also can lead to garbled pictures (I've had pictures of the previous day added to the next day's track on the next day... weird). So I was wondering: do I really need the Android App? All it does is tracking with the addition of pics to the track. The latter is a wonderful feature! While most GPS systems probably can track a route themselves, the real benefit of the App is the addition of pictures in the right place on the track. So how about adding a mass-upload function for pictures? We could track any route using the GPS we use (and provide with power) anyway, then upload the GPS track to myRoute-App - and now we need to select many pictures (or a whole folder) of GEO-REFERENCED PICTURES that will be uploaded AND added to the track on the appropriate location using the information embedded in the picture. That way we only need power for the GPS during the ride, can take pictures separately with a smartphone of a modern camera, and the mass-upload function would bring it all together for the community.

The Android app is very stabile, so there is something else going wrong, don't know what.

We have a big plan for the app.

what's about the mass upload of Pictures, will it be possible?

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