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Groups for my favorites (like in Tyre?)

I just read today's newsletter, concerning the comparison between Tyre and MyRoute-app. I agree that MyRoute-app is getting better and better and maybe i will be an equivalent surrogate for Tyre some time.

One thing that would be essential for that: the possibilty to create groups or categories within my favorites. Personal favorites usually contain different types: my addresses, parking lots or pausing areas (e.g. suitable for a bigger group of motocycles on tour), my favorite restaurant or beer gardens, a list of preferred touring-goals (for shorter or larger tours). It is very annoying to keep all those informations within one "flat" list. And i'm sure it can be done, because POIs are already using such a way to structure different types.

And it would be great to be able to import a larger amount of favorites at once (e.g. from a GPX-file exported from Garmin Basecamp, where many people stored those personal POIs).

And please, please offer some function to be able to hide/show the left bar with my routing points, favorites, tracks and POIs to be able to see more of the map (especially because the topics of the left bar are so unnecessary huge). This way maybe it would even be possible to use MyRoute-app on a smartphone, which of course isn't ideal, but nevertheless would be GREAT when being on tour (because it is already possible to transfer downloaded routes directly from a smartphone to a navigation device like Garmin Zumo).

Keep up the good work!

I forgot one thing: it also would useful to be able to hide the left "friends"-bar in the profile view. I don't need those links all the time and it could also be the next step to get "smartphone-friendly" (and therefore a real "winner", because there's no comparable smartphone solution yet).


One last thing: if we can have groups within our favorites, of course it would be VERY useful to be able so select and display them on the map (just like with POIs). For example if you want to choose one or two restaurants (from your personal favorites) nearby the route you're just planning. 

Yes, we will make it, but not soon, hope end this year!

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