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gpx export in APP


I use the App Locus for Navigaton on my Android Phone and Tablet. Is it possible to insert an export button for GPX Datas into the Window " Start" after loading a Route.

After opening a Route we can see Buttons for "Go Back" "Navigate", Look for a Bed" and "Favorites". I wish a new Button "Export" to GPX.

So i can use the routes for example in a another App like Locus or Orux, with the offlinecards there are installed on my Phone or Tablet. Or I can send the GPX File by Mail to my Friend by Bluetooth ore Mail.

In the Moment is only a automatic export in Sygic possible with the Button "Navigate". If i want use this function i must install a second app and the maps for this app. So i have installes som GB Datas with maps for two nagigation apps.



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