Please note: This guide is for the Harley Davidson Boom Box included in models until 2019. For 2019 models and newer, please visit our other guide.

To navigate a route that has been created in MyRoute-app, you will first need to transfer it to a USB stick which can then be plugged into the BoomBox infotainment system.

General information:

  • When importing a route containing more than 49 waypoints the BoomBox infotainment system will be likely freezing.
  • Whenever the Harley Davidson BoomBox freezes, turn off the bike, wait for 10 to 20 seconds and turn in back on. 
  • The BoomBox sometimes responds slow to button presses. Give the system some time before hitting multiple buttons.
  • The BoomBox infotainment system contains only English as available language for text and speech. 

Transferring routes to a USB stick

1. Attach a USB stick to your laptop or computer.

2. Open a route in the route editor and select "Save as" -> "Harley Davidson Boom Box pre 2019"

3. Save the "GPX" file to your USB stick in the top directory.

Importing routes and route-tracks from the USB stick to the BoomBox infotainment system

1. Turn on the BoomBox infotainment system and wait until the main menu appears.

2. Attach the USB stick to your Harley Davidson.

3. Press the “Nav” button on the main menu.

3. Select "Menu" (top right corner).

4. Press "Import".

5. Select your USB device. If it does not appear, check if the USB stick is properly connected or use a different USB stick that is formatted as FAT32.

6. Select a route you wish to import.

Note: A duplicate of each file will appear with a prefix of "._" in the name. Ignore these files and do not select them.

7. Select "Route-" to navigate by route.

Note: A route contains only waypoints which will lead to the BoomBox calculating its own route between the waypoints while respecting the route preferences of the device.

8. Select the button on the right between the arrows to start the import. You might be asked for a confirmation, answer "YES" to the question.

9. After completion, press back and import a different route if you wish to.

10. You can now safely detach the USB stick and return to the main menu by repeatedly pressing the "Back" button.

Starting the navigation of an imported route or route-track

1. Press the “Nav” button on the main menu.

2. Press the "Where to" button.

3. Press the "More" button.

4. Press "Trips" for navigating an imported route.

5. Select the imported route you prefer to ride.

6. Press "Start".

7. Wait until the BoomBox has finished loading the route. You can track its current progress displayed on the right.

8. Press "Go" to start the navigation.

9. Start riding!

Setting navigation preferences

Change navigation settings by clicking on the "list" icon on the right during navigation. We suggest the following "Appearance" settings:

  • 3D map
  • Heading Up
  • Auto Zoom: Normal