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MyRoute-app WEB with an Android device

In English again to make things easier ...

For quite a long time i was searching for a solution for managing, creating/editing and viewing my routes online using an Android device (in my case it's a Samsung 10.1 Tablet).

Seems that with MyRoute-app my quest had come to an end: it works great when using Chrome browser. Love that!

Only one issue: to re-order waypoints there is that "drag & drop" mechanism which works great when used on a PC. But under Andorid / Chrome this won't work because you're unable to "grab" an entry (it's text will be selected instead).

So it would be a great improvement if there was another methode to edit the order. Maybe with additional up/down-arrows within the waypoint list oder a waypoint's function and information bubble.

With this feature it would be possible to use ALL the functionality of the WEP app with an Android device (even selecting a point witihn an existing route to insert a new one works perfectly!).

Viele Grüße

Thanks for te tip, I discuss it withe the developer.

We have improved the drag & drop functionality, it should now work properly on all devices!

Geat work - work's like charme now! Thank you!


And thank you.

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